Check out our Angular Book Series.

Check out my Angular 4 Book Kickstarter

I know this isn't related to Flex Development, but I just launched a Kickstarter for an Angular 4 book. Check it out here. There are a lot of details on the Kickstarter page, but this is your chance to learn how I build HTML5 apps similar to the ones we used to build with Flex.

The full book will be released under a Creative Commons License upon completion. This is your chance to help me create a great tutorial resource for the Angular community.

What are you waiting for? Back now!

Get my Training Course on AngularJS

I'm not sure how many of you follow me on social networking or at my personal blogs, but I wanted to let you know I've just prepared an AngularJS training course just for Flex Developers.

I've spent a lot of time working on this over the past year and today is the release day.

The base of this are two books that work together. The first one builds an application in Flex and the second builds an application in AngularJS. I found that this was a great way to compare and contrast the two technologies. The main books are available under a pay what you want scheme so you can pick them up at no cost if you wish.

I put together a lot of extras including bonus articles and a full screencast series on AngularJS, very similar to the Flex Show screencast series.

If you're a Flex Developer and want to learn how to apply your skills to the HTML5 world with AngularJS; then go Check out the packages and choose one that works for you. You can use the discount code 'flexshow' to get a 10% discount on any of the packages.

This course marks my 'return' to educating developers after we shut down The Flex Show; and I'm very happy to finally have it available.

Help John Wilker / 360|Conferences get a Grant

Hey everyone, John Wilker, who you probably remember as the host of The Flex Show, has entered 360|Conferences into a community grant program sponsored by Chase.

360|Conferences is John's company and is most famous for 360|Flex and 360|iDev.

They need 250 votes to be considered for some money which will help him put on more conferences. At the time of this writing he needs 39 more votes.

John mentioned he wanted to use the money to put on more developer focused events. As a business owner myself, I understand how having some "reserve cash" in the bank can give you a lot of flexibility in the steps you take.

Read more about it on his blog post with details, or go straight to the grant page and vote for him.

360|Stack is Coming Up

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that 360|Stack is coming up; run by The Flex Show's own John Wilker. 360|Stack is the rebranded 360|Flex conference.

I'll be giving an inspirational presentation on How to Fail Fantastically. But, aside from that there is plenty of content about Adobe Flex and the various technologies that Flex Developers now use instead of Flex.

The Flex Show has Moved Servers

Hi Everyone,

We're in the process of moving The Flex Show web site from one server to another. There is a lot of content to move, so please bear with us while we get it uploaded.

We are extremely thankful for FusionLink for handling our content and server load for as long as they did. They have been overly generous with us. Check them out if you are interested in managed hosting.

Let us know if you find any problems or bugs.

Thanks for patience and continued patronage.

Update 3/24/2013: All content should have been moved successfully; but let us know of problems.

Get Flex Show Rewards from the Flextras Kickstarter

Hi Everyone. Jeffry Houser talking hear--the producer of The Flex Show.

I want all of you to know that I launched a Flex related Kickstarter.

The intent is to flesh out the API of the Flextras Spark AutoComplete component, and then donate the finished code to Apache Flex.

We're experimenting with this as an alternate way to fund some of our open source development time. If you think it's a cool idea, then check it out. Some of the reward tiers relate will get you some Flex Show related content, such as our premium screencasts with over 2 hours of content which wasn't published to the blog and some bonus T-shirts from The Flex Show or Flextras.

If you like Flex, and want to show me some love, check it out and become a backer.

Can you create a podcast on Haxe?

on my personal blog, and occasionally on Flextras, I'll write up blog posts in response to user questions. This question just came in to our Flex Show account and I thought I'd do the same here:

Hi Jeffry and John, Why don't you guys start a new podcast about Haxe. Haxe seems to be the natural progression for any Flash/Flex developer that is looking for a future in a world without flash. And who knows - maybe there's gonna be a flex like comonent framework soon. .. You did such a great job with the flex show. It would be so cool if you could continue your great work. Haxe already has a great community and it will certainly grow. It just would be the perfect fit as there are so many similarities to the flex community and since Haxe supports multiple platforms there would be plenty of topics. Cheers Robin

First, I'm glad you think we did a great job with The Flex Show. It was a fun ride. But, I think there are plenty of reasons why I do not create a new podcast about Haxe. ( Caveat: I can't personally speak for John ). Here is a list of a few reasons why I do not create a Haxe podcast:

  • The number of technologies that are "natural progressions" for Flash/flex developers are numerous. In the circles I run in; Sencha is the progression of choice.
  • I am aware of Haxe, but don't know anything about it in detail. You could say I'm indifferent to it.
  • A lot of folks--myself included--are dedicated to making Flex thrive in open source over at the Apache Foundation. Maybe no progression is needed needed just yet?
  • It takes a lot of work to keep a podcast going as consistently as we did with The Flex Show. Our budget was 8 hours per episode. Do you want to fund that?
  • Perhaps most importantly; I want a break from podcasting. It takes a lot of time and we were self-funded for the bulk of our run.
  • If I were to have to move from Flex, I plan to focus my efforts on Native Mobile development because that is something that interests me.

If you want a podcast on Haxe; I suggest you create a podcast on Haxe. One of the most important things to keep you going---especially during the down times--is that you actually care.

If someone wanted to start a podcast on Haxe [or anything] and wanted to hire me as a consultant for training / mentoring in order to help them get started; I'd be more than happy to discuss.

Final Thoughts: The Flex Show Episode 168

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Sencha w/ Ted Patrick: The Flex Show Episode 167

At the recent 360|Flex conference, we had a chance to sit down with Ted Patrick to talk about Sencha.



360Flex Interviews Day 3: The Flex Show Episode 166

Blaine sat down to chat with people on the final day of 360Flex.

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