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The Flex Show - Episode 2: Simeon Bateman Interview Part 1

Here is our second episode of The Flex Show. This episode is the first half of our Interview with Simeon Bateman.

Simeon Bateman Interview part 1
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Matt Platte's Gravatar Okay, I know this shows I'm a bit of a 'tard, but... how does one get this into iTunes so it can be downloaded into an iPod? I suppose I could click "Download", listen to (or mute) the whole thing then try to save it in the appropriate place, but that seems a wee bit dorky.
# Posted By Matt Platte | 1/24/07 9:59 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Matt, I've never used the iTunes podcast interface. But, the podcast is syndicated to iTunes, using this link:
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 1/25/07 7:14 AM
Kim Dobson's Gravatar I have an Urgent need for a Perm. Sr. Applications Developer/Flex Architect in the Dallas Texas area, would you happen to know of anyone with that experience that would be interested? If so please let me know.

Kim Dobson
Placement Manager
# Posted By Kim Dobson | 1/26/07 7:47 AM
Steven Erat's Gravatar Congratulations on the show! I've listened to the first two and look forward to more news and events surrounding Flex 2 in the community, and I look forward to technical discussions as well. Currently I'm spending more time with Flex Data Services with ColdFusion, but not as much with basic Flex 2 development as I'd like.

To Matt and others who wish to subscribe via iTunes, paste the RSS Feed URL into the iTunes field under Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast... That's it.
# Posted By Steven Erat | 1/30/07 11:04 AM
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