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The Flex Show - Episode 3: Simeon Bateman Interview Part 2

Here is our third episode of The Flex Show. This episode is the second half of our Interview with Simeon Bateman. We grill Simeon on frameworks, Cairngorm, and touch base on a few of the frameworks used by the ColdFusion Community.

Simeon Bateman Interview part 2
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John laPlante's Gravatar This (#3) was the best podcast of the 3. Adding a guest was a good idea. The discussion got into interesting depth on topics such as frameworks. For improvments, I think you could put more effort into defining things. For example when defining scaffolding in the last talk, Simeon basically defined scaffolding by saying it was a tool for generation. Well, what the hell is generation! :) But, keep it up, I really like to hear about new tools and philosophies.

One question that I think you could answer is 'Why use flex rather than flash authoring tool?' From blogs that I've read, there seems to be a growing consensus that people use them both together. But, in the Pittsburgh Flash user's group to which I belong there is a lack of enthusiasm for Flex despite an appreciation for ActionScript 3. It seems like there are some clear pros and cons to both and it would be helpful to developers / designers if you spent some time exploring them.

In my work, I build Flash components for an audience of researchers. They are able to use the componetns to build small applications without programming. Therefore, I am bound to the Flash authoring tool (FlexBuilder notwithstanding). But, I would like to develop in Eclipse and be free of the automation limits of the Flash authoring tool (e.g., no Ant, no scripting of component compilation). Because of my constrains I have NOT spent a significant amount of time learning Flex. But, I'm am cautiously optimistic that Flex 2 will play nice with Flash Authoring Tool 9 and that the Flex components will work in the Authoring Tool. I read a blog entry that Flash Authoring Tool 9 will come with a new set of components built with ActionScript 3.0 but the author was coy about questions whether these new components will share a code base and / or be interchangable with Flex components. It would help me plan if there was better information out there about how these tools will integrate.
# Posted By John laPlante | 2/7/07 8:53 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar John,

Thanks for the feedback. When Simeon spoke about scaffolding he meant it was a tool for HTML Form generation.

Generally I find Flex better for user interface design, while Flash is better for animation. In theory they are different roads to the same end point.

Over time I hope to see more integration between the two. I was thinking about game programming in Flex the other day, and what potential limitations would be. The lack of granular control over graphics and animation is one limitation. I'd love to be able to create an animated symbol movie clip in Flash (The un-named game's hero Avatar for example) and then use that symbol in a Flex app.

I do not know if there is a way to do that yet ( But I don't know everything yet either )
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 2/7/07 10:44 AM
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