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The Flex Show - Episode 9: April News

Here is the April News Episode 9 of the Flex Show, with Jeff back as Ryan's sidekick.

Thanks to Lori (She sang our theme song) - 4:30

Flex and Apollo Videos - 5:00

Jeff Humming - 6:50

  • For some reason I found this unbelievably funny and left it in.

Flex Jobs Take Off - 7:00

Flex Component Stuff - 8:35

No Bunji Project - 11:15

Flex Books Giveaway - 11:35

We got mentioned on the Skip Intro Podcast - 13:25

Moxie Flex 3 - 14:40

Selling Commercial Flex Components - 15:00

SEO for Flex - 17:00

Flex Hotfix - 18:10

Apollo Alpha Released - 20:40

New - 24:10

Flex Data Services == LiveCycle Data Services - 25:50

Scrapblog Launch - 27:50

Rich Internet Application Summit - 30:30

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Matt's Gravatar Jeff, make sure you file any issues about the video component so we can look into addressing. We may not have done enough testing with FMS streams or at least your scenario...
# Posted By Matt | 4/12/07 12:26 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Matt,

It's on my list of things to do!

There are a bunch of people replicating my problems on Flex Coders (with no input from me).
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/12/07 7:04 AM
mike davis's Gravatar great show this week, i'd like to here more of lori too, does she have a website with more songs?
# Posted By mike davis | 4/16/07 10:04 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Mike,

Lori doesn't have a personal web site and it wouldn't be appropriate for me to circulate any of her solo tracks. But, you can download some stuff by Far Cry Fly at

And/or you can get our CDs either through the web-site ( ) or from CD Baby:" target="_blank">

And finally, a few of Far Cry Fly's songs have been used as outro music for the ColdFusion Weekly podcast:

No digital stuff, yet sorry.

Thanks for listening.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/16/07 10:21 AM
mike davis's Gravatar thank you for the info! what a great idea, having real musicians on your podcast. keep up the good work.
# Posted By mike davis | 4/16/07 3:18 PM
Laura (AKA Lori)'s Gravatar Thanks for mentioning my contribution to the podcast - I had fun. I appreciate the opportunity to be your muse. Also, everyone out there should know that Jeff actually wrote the song. Good job, Jeff.

By the way, I loved the humming. It was classic Jeff.
# Posted By Laura (AKA Lori) | 5/4/07 9:40 PM
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