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The Flex Show - Episode 10: Juan Sanchez Interview Part 1

Ryan slipped off the grid, but Jeff is here with Juan Sanchez from Scale Nine to talk about skinning.

Matt Chotin Interview

  • Live Interview with Matt Chotin was rescheduled to June 13th at 7pm Eastern time. ( subject to the crazy schedules of the folks involved )

Apollo Ranch

  • Apollo Ranch - a mini Apollo conference in Denver Colorado

Flex Bulder Contest - Build a Cool Flex App, win Flex Builder

Digg API Flex Contest

Juan Interview

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Tony's Gravatar Hi

Can I enter the FlexBuilder contest from outside the US?

# Posted By Tony | 4/25/07 5:52 PM
Ryan Stewart's Gravatar Hey Tony, I don't see any reason why not!
# Posted By Ryan Stewart | 4/25/07 6:55 PM
Jeremy's Gravatar Is it just me or is the sample flex code in the banner on the top of this blog wrong? It appears to have a /> at the end of the root node indicating that everything else is "junk" data?
# Posted By Jeremy | 4/26/07 3:31 PM
Ryan Stewart's Gravatar LMAO! You're right. Hmmmmmmmm. I'll have to see about fixing that.
# Posted By Ryan Stewart | 4/26/07 3:58 PM
Dennis's Gravatar I just found your site and was wondering if you have any more copies of the flex builder left? I am in the process of converting our current invoicing system into flex so I can control the pages, information, and print outs - this flexibility we currently do not have.

If you want I can submit what I have so far
# Posted By Dennis | 8/8/07 11:41 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Dennis,

This contest is over. But, you can can download a Flex Builder trial from the Adobe web site, or purchase it as needed.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 8/8/07 12:05 PM
mosan's Gravatar hi Dennis, that would be interesting, lets have a look to see what we can accomplish via the power of FLEX!
# Posted By mosan | 8/31/07 4:44 PM
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