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The Flex Show - Episode 13: Tony Hillerson Interview Part 1

We got a chance to interview Tony Hillerson from effectiveUI this week about integrating Flex with Ruby on Rails. There aren't a lot of links because of the interview, but I've tried to break it down so that you can skip around to different parts if you'd like. I also need to apologize for my static. I was using my Mac to record and for some reason the microphone kept giving me blips of static. I'll be back to my regular semi-workable solution next week.

0:30 - Introductions

1:35 - Ryan joining Adobe as a Rich Internet Application Evangelist
2:55 - Doing a live interview with Matt Chotin on Skype
4:40 - New contest, create a podcast player in Flex for us.
5:00 - We've got 2 tickets to 360|Flex to give away.

7:40 - Intro for Tony Hillerson
9:20 - Overview of Ruby on Rails
11:40 - Comparing Ruby on Rails to the other options
14:30 - Discussion about the benefits of Flex over Rails internal helpers (Ajax)
20:40 - How to connect Flex to Ruby on Rails (WebORB link)

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Michael Long's Gravatar I tend to browse with plugins turned off so I'm not deluged with Flash ads burning half my CPU cycles. So guess what happens when I click on the link in the article to visit the "efectiveUI" site?

Nothing. Not even a "you need flash to see this page" message.

"Effective" user interfaces indeed.
# Posted By Michael Long | 5/30/07 5:47 AM
Tony Hillerson's Gravatar @Michael -
Thanks for the input. Our website is a bit like the shoemaker's kids - the last to get the shoes because the customers are first, and we're swamped. Thanks for pointing that out and well have a look at it.
# Posted By Tony Hillerson | 5/30/07 10:33 AM
Lance Christmann's Gravatar As the designer of our effectiveui website, I can tell you that we've been very aware of these issues from day one. It was always a "temporary" website that was going to be up for a short time before the "full" site went into effect. Well, as Tony mentioned, with all the demand we've had, we never had the time to do it right. We're in the middle of a complete overhaul with our site this summer, including a really tight integration with Flash and Ajax so that those who don't have the Flash plugin will have a great time exploring the site anyways... Stay tuned!
# Posted By Lance Christmann | 5/30/07 11:18 AM
Tony Hillerson's Gravatar Hm... any comments about the show itself, now? :)
# Posted By Tony Hillerson | 5/30/07 6:22 PM
Dave Finnerty's Gravatar Contest.

What is the due date and what is your podcasts rss feed.

# Posted By Dave Finnerty | 6/1/07 11:00 AM
cisnky's Gravatar When is the final entry date for the comp?
# Posted By cisnky | 6/2/07 4:15 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Officially Monday June 4th; sorry we should have gotten that date in this write-up.

But, we won't be recording the next podcast until the week after, so we probably won't complain if an entry comes in a day or two late.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 6/2/07 6:21 AM
cisnky's Gravatar Chhers :)
# Posted By cisnky | 6/3/07 4:39 AM
Dave Finnerty's Gravatar Hey I sent you a entry for the contest. Even if I don't win doing these projects are a great way to learn how Flex works.

It is fun to work in Flex and I am amazed what one person can build.
# Posted By Dave Finnerty | 6/5/07 7:34 PM
Franck Wolff's Gravatar Hello,

Granite Data Services 0.4.0 is released.

Granite Data Services is a free, open source (LGPL'd), alternative to Adobe® Flex™ 2 Data Services for J2EE application servers with EJB3/Spring/Pojo services support.

Free download is available on Sourceforge:

This new 0.4.0 release (following a 0.4.0_RC1) is mainly a bugfix and compatibility release, with one new feature: a Jetty6+ based security service. While GDS is still in early development stage, you should be able to use the current 0.4 version in non-critical production environments..

Detailed release notes and documentation are available on

Franck Wolff.
# Posted By Franck Wolff | 9/17/07 9:56 AM
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