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The Flex Show - Episode 42: Papervision3D and Away3D with RJ Owen and Brad Umbaugh

While John is on vacation, Jeffry sat down with RJ Owen and Brad Umbaugh from EffectiveUI. We spoke about Papervision 3D and Away 3D, two different libraries used for bringing 3D elements into Flex

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alen's Gravatar Great show guys, I've listened to all the shows, twice at least. One big request - if possible. My car stereo is quite stupid in how it displays podcast info. It displays "The Flex Sho" for all the episodes. Ist it possible that you change the title of the podcast to start with the number of episode? Something like "42 Flex Show...", etc.
# Posted By alen | 4/28/08 2:39 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Alen,

The album title does have the episode number in it, although the "song" title does not.

Are you sure that the Title is being displayed? Or could it be the Artist or the filename?
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/28/08 7:55 AM
todd rothe's Gravatar i like the old mic better.
# Posted By todd rothe | 4/28/08 2:19 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Todd,

I already returned the new mic. This one is absolutely horrid.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/28/08 2:26 PM
alen's Gravatar @Jeff, yes everything is being displayed once the podcast is playing. But once I loop through the list of them, only the part from the beginning of the title is displayed, in this case "The Flex Sho", so I can't know which episode I'm about to start playing. So in the car, it's absolutely impossible to get to the show I want, I have to listen to the beginning of each and every one till I manage to get to the one I want. I saw some other podcasts start their titles with the episode number and that works really great, for example 34 - The Flex Show - Desc of the topic. What you have now its "The Flex Show - Episode 42: Desc of the topic", and on my car stereo, while in the list mode, I can only see "The Flex Sho". I know you can't notice that on the comp or iPod but in the car it's really annoying.

Btw, glad you got rid of the new mic ;)
# Posted By alen | 4/29/08 6:42 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar ;) I have similar problems with naming conventions on my mp3 player. I have yet to find a podcast that names things consistently, and usually rename them before moving them to my mp3 player. It's a pain.

Based on what you say, I suspect you are seeing the Artist - Album Title - Title . For episode 42 it would be:

"The Flex Show" "Episode 42" "The Flex Show - PaperVision 3D and Away 3D w/ RJ Owen & Brad Umbaugh"

I could add an episode number to the title, although I'm not sure if you're seeing the "Artist" instead of the title that won't help much. I'll give it a shot for the next episode and let me know how it works.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/29/08 9:26 AM
alen's Gravatar I did some rnd on my side, and if I place it on the iPod as the mp3, it says this:
Author: Jeffry Houser
Album: The Flex Show
Title: The Flex Show - Episode XX: This and that

So, once I go in artist selection, then album it works fine, but when I come to the song there's again the same problem as with the podcast listing. My take is that if you just rename the title into XX The Flex Show: This and that, it will work fine.

BTW, did you thought of an idea to put up the simple forum, with topics episodes? It would be good to discuss things said, but these comments are just not the right place I think.
# Posted By alen | 4/30/08 12:09 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Alen,

Odd that my name shows up as an Author. That's not specified anywhere in the metadata that I see in Windows File Properties or in iTunes. Must be embedded somewhere in the mpe based on the software I use to create them.

Based on the metadata I seem your "album" is actually showing the artist name, not the album title. Title is showing correctly.

We'll try renaming the title field for the next episode and you can let us know what happens.

Other than the commenting system, we have not put any thought to the discussion of podcasts

Would you like to volunteer to set something up?
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/30/08 1:26 PM
alen's Gravatar Yes, I could help in setting something up. Can you contact me privately to discuss this? You have the email that I use to post comments?
# Posted By alen | 4/30/08 10:50 PM
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