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The Flex Show - Episode 41: Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions w/ Thomas Burleson

We went a little long this time, but couldn't find a place to cut that made sense, so you get an extra long interview with Thomas Burleson a Principal Architect at Universal mind. We chat about Cairngorm and the Universal Mind Cairngorm extensions

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Random Stuff that Thomas mentions

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Thomas Burleson's Gravatar My sincere apologizes for mis-pronouncing Alistair Mcleod's name.

I had a completely mind blank... which is not an excuse but a rationale for the faux pas.
Steven Webster, Alistair Mcleod, Peter Martin, and others have all provide fantastic contributions to the community.
# Posted By Thomas Burleson | 4/9/08 10:49 AM
Eric's Gravatar I have a question - if your commands can handle multiple events how do your responder methods on the command know which server response it may be handling - it seems to me this is handling in switch statements what is handled across several concrete classes in a typical Cairngorm paradigm
# Posted By Eric | 4/9/08 4:32 PM
Francesco Bongiovanni's Gravatar That was a really nice talk , and explanations were really detailed :) look forward to a new podcast related to Cairngorm by Thomas Burleson, he seems really passionate about the MVC paradigm using Cairngorm.
# Posted By Francesco Bongiovanni | 4/10/08 9:04 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Eric,

I don't actually have the answer to that one. ;) Maybe Thomas can chime in.


What else about Cairngorm would you like to see covered? We try to keep a variation of topics and interviewees; so it is unlikely we'll have Thomas back on to talk about Cairngorm again in the near term.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/10/08 9:23 AM
Jeff Bailey's Gravatar Great podcast and very timely. I'm a Java guy that just started using Flex a couple of months ago. Within a week of using Cairngorm I began running into issues that the UM extensions address. I can't wait to give them a try. Thanks for open sourcing!

The only question I wish that was covered was Thomas' comparison of Cairngrom vs. Pure MVC or other competitive frameworks out there. Any thoughts you'd like to share Thomas?
# Posted By Jeff Bailey | 4/10/08 12:17 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Jeff,

Have you listened to our interview with Cliff Hall about PureMVC?

I don't think we had Thomas compare the two frameworks. Would you be interested in a framework show-down type of episode?
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/10/08 12:37 PM
Glenn Williams's Gravatar Wonderful.

Just this second finished listening and am about to go for a second run through.

We've been using Cairngorm for the past 12 months and agree with many of the issues mentioned.

We're now considering re-factoring our latest app with is only 20% into development (although, that 20% accounts for 5 months of code!), even so I still think it would be worth giving this some serious consideration.

we were in fact about to write a central error catching class just as mentioned. we'd been worrying about the fault method of our delegate responder (which sits in the command) doing just what you discussed.

I really wished we'd started with these extensions 6 months ago.

I think i've a head-ache coming on!

thanks again. could have listened to him talking for hours.

cheers guys
# Posted By Glenn Williams | 4/10/08 3:04 PM
travel's Gravatar This podcast with Thomas Burleson probably has the best description of MVC with Flex, why to use Cairngorm, challenges of using Cairngorm, why to use the universal mind extensions, the problem of view locators and how to work with those, etc. Good stuff. I wish there was a transcript of this.
# Posted By travel | 2/11/10 2:06 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Travel,

Thanks for listening. We never seriously researched having transcription done. It seems like a lot of work [or expense] and I'm not sure of the payoff.

But, yeah, Thomas was awesome; maybe it is time to bring him back on.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 2/16/10 10:46 PM
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