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The Flex Show - Episode 48: July News Episode

Since May we've got a bunch of news to cover! Let's get right to it!

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AndyEd's Gravatar Task success is the ultimate metric. Engagement formulas, frequency & depth of use, are also tweakable for the RIA space. Happy to talk about this!
# Posted By AndyEd | 7/17/08 7:38 AM
Chris Charlton's Gravatar First, iRivers are the best on the market! They play OGG, have really good mics.

To comment on CFML on the desktop, it's nothing new in that market since .Net/Java and PHP all can run desktop apps.

I also agree that I don't feel like compiling for Flash Player 10 right this moment since I have real work to get out for current players.

FxSpy does sound neat. Drupal has a Firebug add-on too, looks like others are getting in on it too, which is cool.

I'm speaking at MAX, so far on "PHP Worlflow in Dreamweaver".

The Adobe "Marshall Plan" sounds promising.

FFDMag - I write the ongoing AIR column for them. It is a print magazine.

"Remonotize the Internet" - yup. RIA space.

As for, I'm helping with the redesign with Mike.
# Posted By Chris Charlton | 7/29/08 9:40 AM
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