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The Flex Show Episode 54: Flash SEO with Theo Hultberg

Before heading out to 360|Flex San Jose, we had a chance to talk to Theo about Flash/Flex SEO. Theo has covered the board in his programming experience, focusing almost entirely now in Flash and Flex development, and SEO topics.



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Marc's Gravatar Is this episode in the audio itpc subscription? I can't see it from my iTunes...
# Posted By Marc | 9/16/08 12:48 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Marc,

Our mistake. It should be there as soon as the Podcast feed refreshes; which I think is on 15 minute intervals.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 9/16/08 8:18 AM
Eric Fickes's Gravatar Just finished listening and wanted to mention something in regards to Flash/Flex and SEO. One of the SEO enhancements I've done for flash based sites ( mostly flash ecommerce ) is the use of robots.txt ( or sitemap files ) along with microformats.

In my current flash role, the application has routes to content instead of a flash movie hosted in one page with all urls pointing to page.html.

In the robots.txt file there are urls pointing to Sitemap files. In the sitemap files, there is either listings of urlset files, or the urlset itself.
This urlset xml is then extended using pre-defined XML microformats,, or any xml metadata language that applies to your content.

SEO has always been a world of mystery, so this may or may not help. If nothing else, bots can read this metadata and hopefully add more value or description to your search results. I would like to test this with Flex's deeplinking urls, but I haven't checked to see if googlebot will see the # and consider it a dynamic url, or treat flexapp#1, flexapp#2, flexapp#N as different urls and cache each one seperately.

Keep up the good work!
# Posted By Eric Fickes | 9/16/08 11:17 PM
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