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The Flex Show Episode 55: September News

Been a while! Let's get to some news!


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Marc's Gravatar Dear Adobe link seems to be wrong...

Loving the show from Barcelona :-)
# Posted By Marc | 9/25/08 4:14 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Fixed! Sorry about that.

I'm gonna start feeling bad, John does not of the write-ups, but I'm usually the first to make these sort of changes; which means my name usually trumps his on the site. :-)
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 9/25/08 8:09 PM
Jason's Gravatar Nice podcast. Yeah, Zend is the commercial branch of PHP - they have an IDE, framework, and server setup that they sell.

So you guys use ColdFusion, instead of PHP for remoting, from what I've gathered from previous podcasts. Is this the ultimately, best way to handle remote services?
# Posted By Jason | 9/26/08 11:35 AM
John Wilker's Gravatar @Michael

Cool Thanks for the info on Zend

I don't know that I'd say "best" but it's definitely a most supported and most "out of the box" since CF and Flex can talk easily and trade objects, and such. It's definitely an easy way to move data to and from the back end easily in Flex/AIR apps.
# Posted By John Wilker | 9/26/08 11:58 AM
Christophe's Gravatar Just to clarify ILOG Elixir 1.0 is indeed for sales since end of Feb with 3d charts, spider chart, treemap, org chart, gantt resource chart, gauges and map based dashboards.
ILOG Elixir 2.0 is under development and we welcome preview testers. 2.0 will include enhancements to existing components plus brand new ones: calendar, digital indicators, olap & pivot charts, task chart and heatmap. A new preview actually went out on Friday. See:

Thanks Jon & Jeffrey for this interesting podcast!
# Posted By Christophe | 9/29/08 1:52 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Christophe,

Cool; thanks for clarifying and thanks for listening.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 9/29/08 5:59 AM
John Wilker's Gravatar @Christophe

Great! Thanks for the feedback, good to know!

Thanks for listening!
# Posted By John Wilker | 9/29/08 8:50 AM
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