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The Flex Show - Creating Flex Components - Episode 10: Layout Logic Part 4

This is the tenth episode of our video series on creating Flex Components. This is a series of screencasts designed to teach you how to build a component in Flex, starting from nothing and moving up to a finished component.

In this episode we tackle the updateDisplayList() method in our CalendarDisplay class.

You can View it online right here.

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maria's Gravatar Hi, I can't find the method daysInFirstWeeksOfMonth() in the DateUtils Class

I downloaded the version 1.0.7 of Utilities pack, but I can't find the method
# Posted By maria | 12/17/09 1:26 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Oops, sorry. I added a few methods during my own development. this is the code:

* Calculates the number of the days in the first week of the given month
* @param date            A day in the month we want to find out how many days it has
* @param firstDayOfWeek   The first day of the week, 0 (Sunday) - 6 ( Saturday ); 0 is the default.
* Will probably be used primarily for localization purposes
* @return The number of days in the first week of the month, taking into account the first day of the week
public static function daysInFirstWeekOfMonth(date : Date, firstDayOfWeek : int = 0):Number{
   var result : Number = 1;
   result = 7 - (DateUtils.dayOfWeek(date) - firstDayOfWeek);
   if(result >7 ){
      result = result - 7;
   return result;
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 12/17/09 10:25 AM
maria's Gravatar Thanks...
# Posted By maria | 1/10/10 10:24 AM
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