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The Flex Show Episode 92: with Dan Florio

This week we spoke to Dan Florio about the development behind runpee, his site for movie goers.



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David Jumeau's Gravatar Wow, you weren't kidding you guys did not say much. But I was encouraged as a developer through Dan's talk. We should not be afraid to develop, but it is a continual learning process. I also agree that we are limited to just learn from tutorials but we should learn from our experience in making our own applications. Very interesting talk.
# Posted By David Jumeau | 12/10/09 11:30 AM
Pascal Brewing's Gravatar Hey . Dan told the right thing flex4 beta2 is really enough for great Apps Thx for this interview.
# Posted By Pascal Brewing | 12/11/09 6:58 AM
polyGeek's Gravatar @David, @Pascal: Thanks for listening and commenting. It was a lot of fun. I've done lots of interviews about RunPee but they were all short - 2-5 minutes. This was my first long interview. I guess it could have been worse if I didn't have ANYTHING to say. :)
# Posted By polyGeek | 12/14/09 4:01 PM
LiGhT MaN's Gravatar It was a pretty nice talk, thanks a lot ^^
# Posted By LiGhT MaN | 12/22/09 10:41 PM
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