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The Flex Show Episode 67: The Degrafa Team

In this episode we talk to Juan Sanchez, Greg Dove, Jason Hawryluk, and Tom Gonzalez from the Degrafa Team.



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Tom Gruszowski's Gravatar Great podcast. These are the types of speakers we need most. While general tech overview is nice, its great to have people who have an in depth understanding of Flex and who can communicate some of their knowledge to others.
# Posted By Tom Gruszowski | 2/20/09 11:26 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Tom,

Thanks! We try to make our podcasts as techincal as possible, but in the audio format it is hard.

Did you have any suggestions on who we should interview? Or what you'd like to see us talk about?
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 2/20/09 2:03 PM
Tom Gruszowski's Gravatar Anyone from SDK team if possible, maybe some more of the PM's (Matt Chotin is great speaker). Adobe seems to be getting more involved in community, the recent Open Iteration meetings that were held had some great topic suggestions. Fx name prefix removal is a hot topic.

Side note Jeffry:
I think there is room for improvement in audio quality of this podcast. I listen religiously to and they really seem to have this podcast quality nailed down, esp when transitioning between speakers on diff phone lines, somehow it's so seamless. Keep up the great work.

# Posted By Tom Gruszowski | 2/24/09 10:20 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Tom,

We've had Matt on the show twice before; and hope to make it a yearly event, so he'll probably be back sometime in late summer; schedules permitting.

We were considering an episode on the FX name prefix; however since Adobe relented to community suggestions, there isn't really much to elaborate on anymore.

Can you elaborate what about the audio quality needs to be improved? e-mail me off blog if you want.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 2/24/09 10:58 AM
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