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Guilhem Ensuque talks about OpenPlug and ELIPS studio: The Flex Show Episode 107:

We got a chance to chat with Guilhem about Openplug and ELIPS studio, and building IDEs in Flex, for development. Guilhem joined us from France. We love the across the pond interviews, isn't technology grand!



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Hudson Ansley's Gravatar In the intro to this podcast (very interesting stuff, btw) I believe Jeffery mentioned that "SWCs are not compatible between the version SDKs so you cannot use a flex 3 swc in flex 4 and vice versa"
So this means any swc that include Flex code is not compatible between flex 3 and flex 4 sdk? Is it true that this only applies to swcs using the flex framework code, iow, not a general swc format issue, but more of an incompatibility between flex 3 and 4? I was surprised to hear this since I thought one could actually mix flex 3 and 4 components...
# Posted By Hudson Ansley | 5/6/10 3:02 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Hudson,

In my experience, If you use a Flex 3 SWC on a Flex project you get compile time errors. I assumed that was because of a file format change. It may be looking internally to something in the SWC file and throwing an error based on that without a file format change.

You can, relatively, easily use Flex 3 (Halo) and Flex 4 (Spark) components in the same application, but I strongly recommend that you compile hem against the same SDK.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 5/6/10 3:45 PM
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