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AS3Commons with Roland Zwaga and Christophe Herreman: The Flex Show Episode 155

We sat down with Roland and Christophe to talk about their work with AS3Commons. Fair warning, the audio is a bit wonky, in this one. They had a room mic to share and there's some interesting audio burbles.



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Robin's Gravatar Well the audio is pretty bad. In fact so bad that I stopped listening after 2 min. I wonder how someone can work in this field without being able to do some basic recording.

I love your podcast, but if the quality is so bad then I think you are better of not releasing the episode.


# Posted By Robin | 11/14/11 6:09 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Robin,

Yes, audio for our guests was a bit substandard on this recording. I came close to cancelling it; but decided it was good enough to be listenable; and it was shorter than usual as I cut out some of the more echoey parts. I made the decision to go with it. The quality improves a couple of minutes in, but barely.

In terms of "Working in this field"; I'm not sure what field you think we work in. The podcast is a labor of love and we do not make any money off it.

Most of our interviewees are programmers; not audio engineers or recording artists. In this case, our recording advice ( ) was not taken as strictly as we prefer; and it shows.

If you look at our back catalog; I think such audio issues are rare. Our motto is "The show must go on."
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 11/14/11 1:02 PM
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