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The Flex Show 6 Month Plan

I know that our listeners have been used to getting another episode of Flex Show goodness released every other Wednesday at 9am EST. Today would normally be the release of a new episode. Due to some of the furor around Adobe and Flex; we've been trying to get timely episodes that are more timely instead our usual 4-8 week backlog.

As such, we don't have an episode ready to release today. I think this is the first time in three years we haven't had a bunch of episodes in our queue waiting to be edited and released.

There has been a lot going around in the Flex Community. There is a lot to take in, and a lot of change on the horizon. Despite some bad press, and some poor communication from Adobe; the news is not all bad. Flash is not dead, and today, I still believe Flex is the best choice for building many enterprise applications.

Adobe just finished up a semi-private meeting with some members of the Flex community at the Adobe offices. We weren't invited, but some of our friends were. We're hoping to get a few of them together for a brain dump of the event.

After that episode, we're hoping to get a handful of community members together for another roundtable, similar to our last one. These two episodes will bring us into 2011.

A few have asked me if we'd be abandoning the Flex community like so many others are claiming to do. It is our plan to continue as always right into 360|Flex in April 2012. I suspect this will be the last conference ever to focus on Adobe Flex; but hopefully 360|Conferences will bring us a 2013 conference focused on Apache Flex.

After 360|Flex, I plan to take a month off from podcasting, just like I did last year. Then John and I will re-evaluate what we're doing with the podcast and the best way to continue. Don't take the re-evaluation to mean anything bad, it's something we've done on a yearly basis since starting the podcast.

If you want to be on the show to talk about something, be sure to let us know.

Thanks for sticking with us!

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Cedric's Gravatar I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about all this events. Thanks for all this podcast.
# Posted By Cedric | 12/18/11 7:17 PM
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