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Agile Development with Michel Boudreau: The Flex Show Episode 162

We sat down with Michel to talk about Agile Development practices.


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matt's Gravatar I'm sorry, but this was not worth the time. Guest shows rather naive understanding of what agile is, doesn't even give a compelling overview of it, he dodges almost all questions and shows his ignorance and lack of maturity (e.g. If you don't deliver, it is your problem, even if you told someone to do something and he didn't. It might not be your fault, but it's still your problem).
# Posted By matt | 2/23/12 6:32 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Matt,

Do you want to come on the show and set the record straight?

Drop us an email:
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 2/23/12 10:37 AM
mboudreau's Gravatar Matt,

That's a bit harsh. It was meant to be a very quick overview, but agile is a very broad subject and I did my best to talk about it on the spot. By all means, suggest a better explanation of it instead of just critiquing which doesn't help anybody.


# Posted By mboudreau | 2/23/12 4:19 PM
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