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Can you create a podcast on Haxe?

on my personal blog, and occasionally on Flextras, I'll write up blog posts in response to user questions. This question just came in to our Flex Show account and I thought I'd do the same here:

Hi Jeffry and John, Why don't you guys start a new podcast about Haxe. Haxe seems to be the natural progression for any Flash/Flex developer that is looking for a future in a world without flash. And who knows - maybe there's gonna be a flex like comonent framework soon. .. You did such a great job with the flex show. It would be so cool if you could continue your great work. Haxe already has a great community and it will certainly grow. It just would be the perfect fit as there are so many similarities to the flex community and since Haxe supports multiple platforms there would be plenty of topics. Cheers Robin

First, I'm glad you think we did a great job with The Flex Show. It was a fun ride. But, I think there are plenty of reasons why I do not create a new podcast about Haxe. ( Caveat: I can't personally speak for John ). Here is a list of a few reasons why I do not create a Haxe podcast:

  • The number of technologies that are "natural progressions" for Flash/flex developers are numerous. In the circles I run in; Sencha is the progression of choice.
  • I am aware of Haxe, but don't know anything about it in detail. You could say I'm indifferent to it.
  • A lot of folks--myself included--are dedicated to making Flex thrive in open source over at the Apache Foundation. Maybe no progression is needed needed just yet?
  • It takes a lot of work to keep a podcast going as consistently as we did with The Flex Show. Our budget was 8 hours per episode. Do you want to fund that?
  • Perhaps most importantly; I want a break from podcasting. It takes a lot of time and we were self-funded for the bulk of our run.
  • If I were to have to move from Flex, I plan to focus my efforts on Native Mobile development because that is something that interests me.

If you want a podcast on Haxe; I suggest you create a podcast on Haxe. One of the most important things to keep you going---especially during the down times--is that you actually care.

If someone wanted to start a podcast on Haxe [or anything] and wanted to hire me as a consultant for training / mentoring in order to help them get started; I'd be more than happy to discuss.

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Robin Burrer's Gravatar Hi Jeffry,
I get your points. It's a shame I can't afford to pay you :-). Have you thought about charging money your podcasts? I'm sure people would be willing to pay money for your content….
But yes I can imagine how much work it must have been to produce all these episodes over the years. Not getting paid for all this effort is certainly not motivating.
That's why I don't see myself doing a podacst - I‘m just too busy making my living.

>> A lot of folks--myself included--are dedicated to making Flex thrive in open source over at the Apache Foundation. Maybe no progression is needed needed just yet?

I hope you are right and I wish you all the best with that. I just hope that there's not much involvement form Adobe anymore. I think they have already done (maybe not intentionally) enough damage.


# Posted By Robin Burrer | 8/17/12 11:57 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Robin,

Charging money for podcasts is easier said than done. We do have premium content on The Flex Show such as additional podcasts and T-shirts that you could buy; but the sales were slim to none.

I myself am also busy making a living. The Flex Show was a labor of love; and a bit of self promotion. I just need a break. :-)
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 8/17/12 12:04 PM
JasonMichael's Gravatar Its interesting that you mention Sencha as the progression of choice. I remember when it used to be YUI-Ext, and then ExtJs - which was around the same time that Flex came out. It seemed like as ExtJS developed, there were alot of similarities with Flex, and how events were handled - and how the data grids in each framework were done, I always felt like I was working with two frameworks that were somehow "cousins". Was it just me? Anyway, sorry to see this show was cancelled - I used to listen everyday, when it first started. Loved it. Looking forward to listening to the latest archived pod casts this weekend, if they're here.
# Posted By JasonMichael | 5/25/13 12:53 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar All the archives are indeed still up there. ;) Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy your episode catch up.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 5/25/13 10:02 AM
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